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Meat Free March - My Top Tips!

Have you considered trying out plant based eating but been a bit unsure where to start? You’ve probably seen articles on the internet and one of the many movies around that show how plant-based eating has really come of age, the evidence that it is simply better for our health cannot be refuted.


My Top Summer Salad Tips!

Raw Ambition Plant Based Salads

When I tell people I am a raw, plant based eater, they often come to the conclusion that I eat a lot of carrot and celery sticks and salads. They are right about salads, but I like to quickly differentiate MY kind of salad from the iceberg/cucumber/tomato combo they may be thinking. My salads are meals, complete and nourishing.

12 Ways to Keep Healthy and Happy This Winter!

Keep healthy this winter

Winter. It's so tempting to hibernate, and you know, that's cool, it really is a good time to invest in yourself, to nurture and nourish.

Second Semester Timetable!

raw food classes melbourne geelong

Welcome to our second semester timetable! We endeavour to offer a wide range of options, catering for all levels. If you have a group keen on a particular topic, or would like something tailored specifically, we do offer private classes for 8 or more at no extra cost. The next semester starts in Spring, which is the perfect time to look at getting more plant foods on your plate and waking your body out of hibernation!

Ageless Ageing

I’m 46 today. Holy Crap.

I never really think about my age – I think it’s true that you never ‘feel’ older, but the other day I had this moment where I realised that I was now closer to 60 than 30.

 Oi Oi Oi!

 That was quite a moment.

Perspective from Below

Eilish poppy

I don’t always write about food and wellbeing because I think there are things—far more powerful than what’s in your fridge—that shape and inspire who we are today. 

Perspective from Above

I live near a large hospital. A few times each week, I hear the wakka wakka of a helicopter as it arrives from Melbourne, ready to evacuate someone, obviously, in pretty big trouble.

Why the 80:20 Rule is Flawed.

Running feels good!


‘’Can’t lose weight? Forget the treadmill, forget The Biggest Loser style grueling boot camps, why, you don’t even have to walk the block if you don’t want to! Your long awaited body of perfection is just on the other side of your dinner plate!!’’


Me, Luke and some guy called Pete

Luke Hines Pete Evans

OK, it's pretty clear that I'm more of a green juicer than a bone brother! But I had the opportunity to go to the Pete Evans and Luke Hines " Learn to Cook The Paleo Way'' show on March 12th.