Random Ravings

On the Beet!

Beets Beetroot for Sports

 I’m a big fan of beetroot as a training aid. I know, it hardly sounds revolutionary does it. It’s not touted as a ‘super-food’ (probably because no-one can make any money out of it) and it tastes a little like dirt, but the fact is, it really does make a difference!

The Good Oil on Oil Pulling

Oil pulling rocks!

I like to take health ‘news’ with a grain of sea salt, after all, for the 25 years I’ve been studying nutrition and health there’s been a ‘latest thing’ for every one of those years!

Er….excuse me while I create a new habit...

Changing Habits

The first 3 weeks I was away in North America, I put my life on the line when I crossed the road, I caused mayhem on footpaths when I was running and I continually went to the driver’s door when I was going anywhere by car. 

Why am I Here...or Why am I Not There?

If you're following my adventures on Facebook, you'll know that I'm away for 7 whole weeks on a raw, plant based foods odyssey! It has culmintated with me training with Matthew Kenney Culinary for 4 weeks in LA. I've left my family behind, which is tough, but I totally recommend to anyone who thinks 'I could never go away that long', that it's really incredibly good for the soul!

MEDIA: The Geelong Advertiser, October 4, 2014

Geelong Advertiser October 4 2014

December Timetable is Up!!


Yipppeee! We have finally moved in to Garden House in East Geelong and it's stupendous! Here are our classes for December: http://www.rawambition.com.au/raw/classes , I'm away training in the USA for 6 weeks and back late November, so jump in and book as it will be busy when I get back! 

The Plant Advantage

Raw Vegan Triathlete

This article was written for Geelong's Gym and appeared on thier blog on August 6,2014 http://www.geelongsgym.com.au/blog/nutrition/vegan-advantage/ 

The Plant Advantage

Baby, it's cold outside!

Mushrooming in Winter- delightful!

I remember back in the early days of my exploration of raw foods, I imagined that it was pretty much salads and crudités, and of course, cheesecake. I didn’t imagine I’d ever want to eat raw during winter; in fact the idea repulsed me!

The Raw Truth About Almonds

Raw Almonds, Pasteurisation of Almonds, Almond Skins

What's the deal with Activated Almonds anyway? And can you eat the skins? And what's the go with pasteurisation?

Pandemic of Happiness


“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”
― Thích Nhất Hạnh

 I’m a cautious greeter when I’m running. Oh put me in a social setting and I’ll be smiling and Hello-ing till the cows come home, but when I run, I’m cautious.