Random Ravings

Our favourite Superfoods!

Now first of all, you don't NEEEED Superfoods, but I absolutely love them because they are a nutrient rich way to add a bit more zing to your diet. Why waste a mouthful on empty, non nourishing calories when you can super charge yourself! Try one or two in your smoothie and see if you feel the difference! Here's a little more about our favourites: 



Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie

There have been a few articles around the health traps lately about how The Green Smoothie might not be so good for you, there are references to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which suggests they can be dampening on the system and Ayurveda which says it is not good for certain dosha types. Everyone is different, so you may be perfectly fine chugging back the green goodness every day, and carry on if you are, but if you think that it isn't quite working for your constitution then read on! 

Coffee - Do You REALLY need it?


For most people, coffee is a ritual, a chance to ease into the day with a hot cuppa right? Wait, I’m having a vision of someone frantically racing around, getting themselves ready for work and grabbing a quick sip as they run out the door, or collecting one as they get off the train and enter the hustle and bustle of the working day. OK, so the weekend coffee, perusing the paper may be the relaxating ritual to which I'm alluding!

Killing You Softly


As you know, our ambition here is to promote a raw, vegan lifestyle to people who want to create a healthier future, that's my absolute passion, but with my background in the food industry, I'm also deeply concerned with the other end of the spectrum, with people who are unlikely to ever hear or care about what we do, where it's just not as simple as saying 'but people need to be responsible for what goes into their mouths!' No. Some of that responsibility rests with the providers of the rubbish food that's making us sick.

Bottoms Up! Let's Kill the Fat Talk!


Love Your Body!

Taking the Weight Off

woman's weekly

I’ve always tried to keep the weight discussion away from raw food because I really don’t like anyone to think of this lifestyle as a ‘diet’. However, I’ve had a number of people come through classes in the last couple of years talking about weight issues and hoping that THIS would be the magic bullet.

 Wow. Imagine if there was a magic bullet?

What's in a Recipe?


When I was growing up, we had the Edmonds  'Sure to Rise' Cookbook and another Cordon Bleu one that Mum wheeled out for special occasions, I think Alison Holst and Delia Smith made entrances occasionally, but the majority of the time, we relied on the Bible, you know the one, it's full of Grandma's writings, Mums adaptations, Aunties' contributions, the occasional 'family secret' recipe shared from a friend: " Oh you simply MUST give me that recipe!"

Raw—it's hot right now!


I'm thinking of a song by Edwin Starr from 1969, went a little something like this " Raw! Raw! What is it good for (boom, boom) Absolutley EVERYTHING, (say it again)  RAW!....'' You know it?

Getting Diggy With It!


You'll be reading this because you've got a thing for good food no doubt. I've had that thing going for a while now, but what I've added to my love of good, wholesome food, is the enjoyment, indeed the THRILL of growing it myself! So much so that I wonder if the novelty will ever wear off!