12 Ways to Keep Healthy and Happy This Winter!

Keep healthy this winter

12 Ways to Keep Healthy and Happy This Winter!

Winter. It's so tempting to hibernate, and you know, that's cool, it really is a good time to invest in yourself, to nurture and nourish. It's also the time of year we tend to take the foot off the wellness gas a little and this can leave us open to illness and depression. 
Read on for my top 12 tips to get through winter in great shape mentally and physically! 

  • 1) Oil Pulling: as often as possible! Coconut Oil is antibacterial and many bugs start in your mouth, so get on it! If you don't like the taste of coconut oil, try a few brands. The one I use and sell is Banaban and I use the Gourmet one for the mildest flavour and a beautiful texture- not at all waxy or grainy. For more on this check out my blog here.
  • 2) Sniff: To avoid sniffing in a bad way, snort some saline each morning (you can buy it in a spray from the pharmacy). Your nose is one of your first lines of defence so it's great to clear out any gunk and start the day with a clear head!
  • 3) Flush: I drink warm water and Australian Harvest Apple Cider Vinegar every morning, this one contains cayenne, turmeric and horseradish; not only does it give your hard working kidneys a good flush out, it really opens up your sinuses! (I have in stock if you're after any).
  • 4) Add Some Raw! Try and eat one raw meal a day, I know this seems harder in winter but it really isn't! Try making a fresh coconut soup, an Apple Crumble, or have a smoothie at room temperature using chai spices, maca or cacao and fresh almond milk. Mmmm. Delicious! 
  • 5) Fatten Up! Yes, that's right, up the fat in your diet and your body will thank you! Good fats like those found in nuts and seeds (in their natural state), good quality Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocados, Fresh Coconut. Good fats actually help metabolise body fat, they'll also help keep your skin soft and supple when you're exposed to the elements and also protect you from the drying effects of heating.
  • 6) Up Your Veggies: however you like them! If you need to cook them, go for it. My tip is, when I make a dhal for example, I cook up the lentils, then stir raw veggies through at the end. Yum! 
  • 7) Get ZingyMake the most of citrus season! I think that's why the gardening gods made citrus a winter crop; it's so good for us! Juice lemons and oranges together to drink, make a raw citrus tart, add a squeeze to your cup of herbal tea!
  • 8) Drink Your Greens! Juicing greens means you can get a much bigger dose of health boosting chlorophyll than if you were simply eating or blending them. Chlorophyll has the same make up as human blood, we just have iron in the middle instead of magnesium; it's a wonderful boost to your diet in winter when we feel less like eating raw veggies! 
  • 9) Keep Active! Exercise is SUPER important in winter, and yes, harder to do! But getting your body heated up to a sweat is SO good for your metabolism, for moving sluggish lymph and for flushing your cells full of fresh new blood. Those endorphins are also mighty handy for staving off the winter blues! 
  • 10) Biophilia: Bio what? Yes, biophilia is a thing. It's about getting a good dose of nature! Get your feet dirty, run along a windswept beach, climb a mountain, smell the heart of  forest; get out when you REALLY don't feel like it, even if it's just a walk round the block. It really makes you feel alive and will help top up your Vitamin D levels which plummet in winter, and contribute to the winter blues! 
  • 11) Get Salty!: I have become a serious advocate of Salt Therapy. I credit it with keeping bugs at bay and improving my cold/exercise induced asthma out of sight- I can now run on a chilly morning without a puffer! I go to Salts of the Earth in Newtown, the team there are super!
  • 12) Eat Chocolate: Raw Chocolate that is! Did you know Cacao has over four times the antioxidants of Cocoa? It's also packed full of minerals and vitamins. Cacao contains anandamide which activates dopamine production- a super feel good hormone associated with being in love! Hand me a bar immediately!

So, try a few of these tips and see how you feel; of course, nothing beats an early night in a warm bed with Netflix!


About Raw Ambition: Eileen Sims is a USA trained Raw, Plant Based Chef and triathlete. She operates Raw Ambition from a purpose built kitchen and event space in Geelong, Victoria. The business focusses on classes that help people include more plant based foods in every day life and also offers higher end culinary classes to private students. You can find out more on the website www.rawambition.com.au or facebook page.