Me, Luke and some guy called Pete

Luke Hines Pete Evans

Me, Luke and some guy called Pete

OK, it's pretty clear that I'm more of a green juicer than a bone brother! But I had the opportunity to go to the Pete Evans and Luke Hines " Learn to Cook The Paleo Way'' show on March 12th. 

OK, I admit, I p r o b a b l y wouldn’t have gone to the show if I hadn’t been cooking for them backstage, but I am pleased I had the opportunity to go and even more thrilled that they chose me to feed them- I mean, that's pretty open minded for what's apparently a fairly close minded lifestyle right!

What I do, what those boys are doing, it’s all part of a MOVEMENT and we have more in common than not. I am very happy to be part of this change in consciousness, this re-engaging with food and the awakening that is happening.

Why this is so exciting is that it’s a grass roots movement. It’s started by US; you and me, the people of the world, who want better for our planet, our children, our health.

We’re a bit tired of waiting for science to catch up with common sense.

Of course you know that I love science, so I also take MANY things with a grain of Murray River salt.

I will say this: you can always find some kind of logic to support your argument, especially in this day and age. For every book advocating meat as necessary, there is one (or more) to say it isn’t, fruit is fattening, fruit isn't fattening, you need carbs to train hard, you don't need carbs. So please, be discerning when you read information; there are always more sides in any story and one person’s –sometimes even very qualified - opinion, is still an opinion.

I do believe that if there is ONE lifestyle that suits everyone, it’s the one that is based on wholefoods, whatever they might be.