Plant Power 101

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 12:00pm

I'm always being asked about where to start with eating plant-based. The first thing I say is that it's not a DIET! It's a way of eating that is all about ABUNDANCE rather than deprivation........ " have I been good today?" - PUH-LEASE, can we give ourselves a break already! Often it's hard to know where to start, you may be unsure about trying different ingredients, you may just be bored with your usual repertoire:  This class covers everything! Oh and we're not the least bit judgey on where you're at today. We're simply about Getting More Plant on Your Plate Mate!

Things we'll discuss: 

*Why plant based?

*Where do I get my PROTEIN

*Can I be super fit and plant-based- really?

*Will it improve my gut health?

*Will going plant based help my (insert condition)?

*Does eating plant based mean Mung Beans (in which case I'm out)? 

We'll cover Juicing, Smoothies, High Protein Snacks, Fermented Foods, Delicious Dinners and of course, other worldly DESSERTS. 

This class will suit anyone wanting to add more raw, plant based goodness to their plate. You'll eat loads of food and take home about 20 recipes to try at home.

Our classes are run in our purpose built teaching kitchen, with access to our wonderful garden. Our classes are always entertaining, informative and great value for money!  You'll get the address details for our East Geelong kitchen when you register. 

Class runs for approx 3 hours.