Yo Mama! Finding Your Mojo in Motherhood

Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 11:00am

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Take care of the Mama so she can take care of everyone else. 

This 3.5 hour workshop brings together 3 professionals with great insights into the challenges of new motherhood. We want to offer you a safe, nurturing space to come and rest and recuperate, to take a few hours to focus solely on YOU, the new you, so that you can return to the fold, armed with strategies to help keep YOU at the centre of your new role. It's kind of like the on-board instruction when you fly: you need to put your own oxygen mask on before you help others. Well, we're here with tanks full of O2! 

Becoming a mum is an amazing experience, no doubt. But as we become absorbed in the daily grind of meals, sleeping and entertainment, we often feel an inexplicable loss of our former selves. Unfortunately, many of us fail to recognise that loss of self as the root cause, we feel guilty for resenting our child and bury ourselves even more into the day to day machinations of this new life. With counsellor Lyndsay Wright, you'll explore a process of recovering your identity, now with the addition of 'Mother' to your CV, but re-connecting with your SELF again. 

Then there's the physical challenge of recovering from birth - that is one SERIOUS workout ! Because we women do it all the time, we lose sight of what a magnificent feat it is for the human body. Post birth,  it's very easy to be impatient, to follow a strict regime to 'lose that baby weight fast', to sign up to a fun run to get you motivated, but there truly is a right way and a wrong way to rehabilitate your body for the long term. Even if you were an athlete before birth, your body is different!  Post Natal Exercise Specialist Louise Vivieros will share insights from her Strong Fit Mums program and help you gain a deep understanding of where your body is at today, and how you can best support it for tomorrow. 

One thing that often goes out the door is proper eating habits. Aside from lack of time to prepare good meals, sleep deprivation also has a huge impact on food choices. Plant Based Chef, Eileen Sims will take you through some delicious food options with maximum nutrition punch, especially important in the early months when you're possibly breast feeding  as well as recovering from birth and running on adrenalin much of the time. We'll create some beautiful dishes for you to enjoy and of course, TREATS! 

So how does that sound? We can tell you that we all WISH a course like this had existed when we became Mums! We hope you'll join us, we promise you lots of hugs, lots of insights, a little gentle movement, delicious food and a great opportunity to re-connect with YOU amid the haze of your most important role so far.

Yo Mama, we've got your back!