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Cheese and Crackers

Want to know how to create your own fermented plant based cheeses? We'll explore this exciting topic and try different styles of dairy free cheese, we'll even add in some other cultured goodies such as coconut yoghurt and sour cream! You'll find out how we make our delicious crackers too, the perfect accompaniment for a tasty cheese! We'll also have a play with some goodies from the dehydrator or 'The Magic Oven' as I like to call it - as well as crackers, we'll make some pancakes and jam!


Chocolate Mousse with Gooey Salted Caramel

Raw Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mousse

This is a jar of extreme deliciousness that you may wish to hide in a cupboard with, away from demanding children!

I LOVE the marriage of dark chocolate with the salty sweet richness of my caramel. The best thing about it is you don't get that sick feeling of had too much of a good thing after eating it - well, so far I haven't!!

Chocolate Mousse

2 Cups Cashews- Soaked

(or reduce by one cup and add flesh of 2 young Thai coconuts)

2/3 Cup Almond Milk (or coconut water if you're using the flesh above)

3 PM Craving Cruncher

raw snacks cravings chocolate

You know how it goes some days.... maybe you're on a deadline and sitting at your desk, rushing for school pick-up or perhaps you bypassed lunch (or had something not so good), whatever the trigger, you need something RIGHT NOW! This little number promises to take away cravings from the first bite! It's also nut free so fine for the school lunch box too, and is way low in sugar.

12 Ways to Keep Healthy and Happy This Winter!

Keep healthy this winter

Winter. It's so tempting to hibernate, and you know, that's cool, it really is a good time to invest in yourself, to nurture and nourish.

Why the 80:20 Rule is Flawed.

Running feels good!


‘’Can’t lose weight? Forget the treadmill, forget The Biggest Loser style grueling boot camps, why, you don’t even have to walk the block if you don’t want to! Your long awaited body of perfection is just on the other side of your dinner plate!!’’


Me, Luke and some guy called Pete

Luke Hines Pete Evans

OK, it's pretty clear that I'm more of a green juicer than a bone brother! But I had the opportunity to go to the Pete Evans and Luke Hines " Learn to Cook The Paleo Way'' show on March 12th.