Chocolate Mousse with Gooey Salted Caramel

Raw Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mousse

This is a jar of extreme deliciousness that you may wish to hide in a cupboard with, away from demanding children!

I LOVE the marriage of dark chocolate with the salty sweet richness of my caramel. The best thing about it is you don't get that sick feeling of had too much of a good thing after eating it - well, so far I haven't!!

Chocolate Mousse

2 Cups Cashews- Soaked

(or reduce by one cup and add flesh of 2 young Thai coconuts)

2/3 Cup Almond Milk (or coconut water if you're using the flesh above)

White Chocolate Christmas Fudge

Raw White Chocolate Christmas Fudge

Oh I do love a wee bite of something nice at Christmas don't you? 

This little number is the perfect vehicle for the flavours you love. For this version, I paired some amazing freeze dried raspberries and pistachios, it's a perfect combination and makes my tastebuds say ' SUMMER TREAT!' With White Chocolate, the base is Cacao Butter and the solids we use instead of Milk are nut based. 

250 Grams Cacao Butter (I use  Loving Earth

1.5 Cups Cashew Butter

Raspberry Cacao Bombs

Raw Raspberry Cacao
There really is nothing like the combination of Raspberries and Chocolate is there? It's kind of naughty meets nice, or maybe it's just that combination of the fresh, acidic berries meeting the rich, bitter moreishness of the cacao. Who cares anyway, it tastes might fine and that will do me!

Bountiful Bars

Mmmm, coconuts! Transport yourself to a tropical island with this delicious slice! Just the whiff of coconuts makes me feel relaxed, like I'm heading to the pool bar and being waited on hand and foot.... meanwhile, back here in The Real World, I have Bountiful Bars to help me when I'm in need of an afternoon buzz or a pick me up....or simply a tropical island fantasy!

Rawky Rose

Rawky Rose

This combination reminds me of being in Turkey, surrounded by the sweet smells of rose, and the unique flavour of rose and pistachio especially in their local turkish delight! Of course, in my world, everything is elevated again by adding chocolate , so I've created my take on Rocky Road. I've used some dried stonefruits to mimic the jelly texture, but also to add a wonderful sour note to balance off against the sweet rose. Can you tell this is a favourite?

Cacao Vanilla Tarts

Raw Cacao Vanilla Tarts

These are deliciously tasty but not overly rich with cacao being nicely balanced with the creamy vanilla caramel. You  can make a big ‘cheesecake’ with this, or do cute little individual tarts (I love these) and it will make about 12.

Creamy Winter Citrus Tart

Raw Creamy Winter Citrus Tart

It's always seemed odd to me that winter is the season of lemons and limes, because I've always considered them something refreshing and cooling  in the warmer months. But nature has a purpose for everything, and citrus is not only packed with bug chasing Vitamin C, it's also a great pick me up when you're feeling a little low. So, are you ready to put a zing in your step? Let's go! 

Apple Crumble

Raw Apple Crumble

This deliciouly warming dessert will remind you of happy days at Grandma's, using the apples from her tree and the aromatic spices that symbolise this dish. A super way to add some fruit in during winter and you'll never believe it's raw!

All Purpose Frosting

If you can't imagine a celebration without a richly frosted cake, then don't! But here's the thing, this one is actually good for you and won't give your blood sugar too much of a fright! 

2 cups of cashews- soaked for a few hours
1 cup frozen berries
3/4 cup coconut nectar or agave syrup (depending on the flavour you want, coconut nectar is similar in flavour to golden syrup and agave is a little lighter)
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
pinch of salt
3/4 cup coconut oil, melted

Fig and Ginger Tarts

Fig and Ginger Custard Tarts

Caramelised Fig and Ginger Custard Tarts
The perfect Autumnal dessert, this little number gives a good fruit punch with a delicious, crunchy chocolate base! You can have these on the table within a couple of hours, but the topping needs to be pre-made.

For the base:
1.5 cups cacao nibs
1 cup activated almonds
1.5 cups (or around 10) Medjool dates
1 tablespoon vanilla powder
1 tablespoon lucuma powder
pinch of sea salt