Berry Beet Smoothie

This is a great way to get a boost of antioxidants, especially in the cooler months!

Anything purple in the fruit and veggie world is packed full of anthocyananins which are powerful rangers against the free radicals that attack our bodies daily.

Autumn Treat Smoothie

smoothie, not green,

It's getting cooler in the mornings! The last thing I want is a chilly smoothie to smother my digestive fire down to a mere sizzle!

Cacao Smoothie

Cacao Coffee Kicker Smoothie

I promise you if you start the day with this baby (after your juice) you will have energy to burn, and burn, and burn.


I LOVE JUICING! It is the fastest way to literally FLOOD your body with vital nutrients. Be careful that you’re not flooding your body with sugar though (as you would if you’re buying juices from juice bars).
Drinking a ‘fruit juice’ from one of these places, could mean the equivalent sugar from say 6 oranges, 5 apples, 1 beetroot. That’s A LOT. The sugars in fruit are designed to be eaten AS fruit, the fibre helping slow down the process and not overload your poor old liver with fructose!