Super Slaw

I love coleslaw! It's probably the earliest salad I remember making at home with Mum. The crispness of the cabbage playing with the creaminess of the dressing. Well this is a humdinger version of the old classic; one that will not be relegated to a side dish!  There's a balance of all that's good and great in the plant world on this plate!

1/2 Savoy Cabbage - Mandolined

1 Medium Fennel Bulb- Mandolined

2 Carrots - Shredded

1 Red Capsicum- de-pithed and julienned

Handful of Kale- taken off the stem and brunoised

1 C Parsley

Broccoli, Kale Bonanza

A friend gave me the idea for broccoli in a salad and I absolutely love it! This is a super salad, full of nutritious ingredients, great any time of the year. I particularly like adding coriander in winter, but you can also use parsley. For me, I'd enjoy this on it's own with perhaps some onion bread, you may like to have it as a side dish with something else, but it's mighty filling and incredibly nourishing! 

Diggy Salad

Diggy Salad

Well, really, you can't seriously be calling this a recipe! It's a simple case of throwing together goodness from the garden and tossing it with other goodness. If you don't grow stuff, try it. Meanwhile, this is the perfect place to use all those goodies you just got from the farmers market....or wherever, as long as they're fresh and please god make them at least spray free!

Power Salad

Get into some Hemp man! Finally, the powers that be are letting us consume this INCREDIBLE product in Australia. It's been sold as animal grade forever but what did they think we were gonna do with it? That's right GET HIGH. Eeeeediots. (But like, it was OK for animals to eat it.....riiiiiight). Fortunately (or unfortunately) hemp in this form contains no THC, the stuff that makes you say things like ''wooooahhh man, is that cow jumping over the moooooon?"

Winter Salad

Winter Salad

This is the  time of year, with the seasons changing that our immune systems take a hit! It coincides with the time of year when people feel least like eating really nourishing raw foods! This makes perfect sense – especially if your idea of ‘raw’ is salad based. As you know, we’re doing a bunch of winter dishes in our classes this term, but tonight I wanted to show you how rich and satisfying a ‘salad’ can actually be! Every mouthful of this baby is pure GOODNESS, you will be warm and well after a bowl of this!