Ultimate Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls

I love a good Bliss Ball! However, I'm rather a fan of loading them with heaps of yummy nutritious ingredients rather than just a few, I don't know, I just get bored easily! These babies are perfect for afternoon tea and great after a workout!

1 Cup of nuts you like- I use Macadamias and Almonds
1/2 Cup of seeds- Pumpkin, Sunflower and Hemp
1 Cup of dried  fruit you like—here's a heads up, I use sour fruits because they are so tasty and don't make the balls too sweet, choose from: Goji, Barberries, Mulberries, Sour Cherries, Cranberries (make sure the latter two don't contain refined sugar) Inca Berries, you can of course use Apricots and Sultanas, it's your choice!
1/2 Cup of dried coconut
(You could also bypass the above and use 3 cups of Naked Paleo Mix)
2 Tbs Cacao Powder
8-10  dates

Pop everything into a food processor and pulse so it stays just a little chunky, then add the dates one at a time until the mixture seems to stick together but only when pressed by hand.

Roll into balls, drop into a bag of dessicated coconut and pop in the fridge for a few hours, enjoy! 

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