Berry Beet Smoothie

This is a great way to get a boost of antioxidants, especially in the cooler months!

Anything purple in the fruit and veggie world is packed full of anthocyananins which are powerful rangers against the free radicals that attack our bodies daily.

The base for this puppy is my favourite juice—beet juice—making this an excellent pre-workout smoothie. Did you know athletes actually need more antioxidants because they breath in more oxygen and more deeply, so their bodies are prone to more damage by free radicals? Well, that may be true, but a diet rich in antioxidants goes a long way to counteracting that, and the benefits of regular exercise for your body cannot be understated! 

Beet juice has been show to reduce cardivascular stress and improve endurance. It's also a great all round blood tonic. If you really can't be bothered juicing your own beets (which, by the way, you should, as it's easy—make sure you use the leaves too!) you can now buy a couple of fairly good ones in the fresh section at the supermarket and health food stores.

Berry Beet Smoothie:

1 Cup defrosted berries
1/2 Cup soaked Goji Berries
2 very ripe bananas
2 Scoops 'Raw Meal"Protein (I buy from iHerb)
1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
600ml Beet Juice
Juice of one lemon pus a little skin
1 Tablespoon Acai Berry Powder
1 Tablespoon Cacao Powder

Blend and enjoy at room temperature. If you're not sure why I don't add any greens to my smoothes, check out this post: 

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