3 PM Craving Cruncher

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You know how it goes some days.... maybe you're on a deadline and sitting at your desk, rushing for school pick-up or perhaps you bypassed lunch (or had something not so good), whatever the trigger, you need something RIGHT NOW! This little number promises to take away cravings from the first bite! It's also nut free so fine for the school lunch box too, and is way low in sugar.

Cauliflower Crunch

Raw Cauliflower Crunch

Cauliflower Crunch

1 large head of Cauliflower


Cucumber Cheese hors d'oeuvre

This cheese takes a couple of days but it’s worth fermenting it for the amazing flavour it produces. The rich nut cheese plays off against the cucumber perfectly.  


2.5 Cups Cashew Flour*
1.5 Cups Oat Flour **
½ Cup Maple Syrup

Ultimate Bliss Balls

Raw Ultimate Bliss Balls

I love a good Bliss Ball! However, I'm rather a fan of loading them with heaps of yummy nutritious ingredients rather than just a few, I don't know, I just get bored easily! These babies are perfect for afternoon tea and great after a workout!

Onion Bread

Caramelised Onion Bread

I love the taste and texture of this sweet/savoury bread! In fact, I can munch on it by itself quite happily. It's quite a light bread in comparison to our Seedy Bread, and it's great for sandwiches—which are something I missed when I gave up regular bread (I got terrible reflux from wheat). 

It may seem very onion heavy, but the flavour mellows and caramelises in the dehydrator, plus, onions are SO GOOD for you! 

'Parmesan Cheese'

I LOVE sharp, tasty cheese! it was one of my weaknesses as I transitioned away from dairy products...until I delved into the world of raw, vegan 'cheese'. Oh My word, I have never looked back! This 'Parmesan' is to die for, I put it on many dishes including Pasta Marinara and Zucchini Fritters. Enjoy! 
2 cups of pine nuts
½ cup water
1tsp olive oil
1 tablespoon sea salt
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast


Traditional pesto uses Parmesan cheese. We’ve replaced the cheesy component with nutritional yeast which has a lovely sharp cheesy flavour, It’s not technically raw, but it’s great for vegans as a source of B vitamins. Great stirred through zucchini pasta and on crackers (see recipe here: 
2 Cups Basil
1 Cup Spinach
½ Cup Walnuts

Hemp Crackers

Buckwheat Hemp Crackers

Rawsome Cheesy Buckwheat Hemp Crackers!

Sunshine Pâté

Sunshine Pate
This is a crowd pleaser and will be a hit on your Christmas Crudites platter! It's chock full of protein and so DAMN tasty! 
Sunshine Pâté
1½ Cups of sprouted* Sunflower Seeds (about 1 cup dry)
½ Cup of soaked Pumpkin Seeds (overnight)
½ Cup Lemon Juice
2 Tablespoons Tahini
2 Tablespoons Nut Butter
2 Spring Onions
2 Tablespoons Tamari or Shoyu
½ Cup Coriander
2 Cloves Garlic
¼ teaspoon Cayenne Pepper