Tomato Wraps

These wraps are the best way to use up surplus tomatoes, plus they are so light and refreshing to eat. The fresh tomato flavour with a hint of basil permeates your filling for a flavour explosion!

Christmas Roast

The Christmas Roast

Pasta Marinara

Pasta Marinara
If you're after something filling, fresh and tasty, this is the perfect dish and a great way to use up Zucchini in the Autumn. Kids love helping make the noodles too!
For the pasta:
Spiralise* 4 Zucchini (ratio is about 1 Zucchini per person or more depending on appetite), toss in a little Salt and Olive Oil and set aside.
For the sauce:
1½ Cups Sun Dried Tomatoes (soaked for 1-2 hours)

Mexican Munchies

Mexican Munchies

I'm a big fan of a Mexican munch out, but I can't handle the beans the way I used to; my body metabolises uncooked foods far better these days. This dish gives you all the flavour and satisfaction of a night at the cantina in a more readily digestible form! 

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters
Love love LOVE it when Zucchini are springing forth at their shiny best, not all munted up after being shipped hither tither. Try and get your hands on some local babies, or better still, grow them! These fritters are just the best with fresh herbs.
3-4 Zucchini
Pinch of salt
1 cup chopped spring onions
¼ cup chopped dill
¼ parsley
1 teaspoon dried tarragon
1 teaspoon celtic sea salt
A few grinds black pepper
pinch cayenne 

Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni Cheese
If you're new to raw and you just crave something a little 'familiar' there ain't nothing like a rich cheesy sauce to keep you satisfied! This promises to convert the most sceptical carnivore or at least, anyone who misses momma's home cooking!

Rawsome Macaroni Cheese
4 zucchini chopped lengthwise, seeds scooped out, cut again into half moon shapes. Put aside in a bowl with a sprinkle of salt and olive oil, this will break down the starches and soften them.

Raw Pizza

Raw Pizza

Rawsome Raw Pizza- Best EVER!